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Strengthening Resilience in our Community


In the spring of 2020, together with the entire world, we were forced to navigate one of the greatest crises of our time. 


In just a few short days, we were asked to make drastic changes in our lives in order to protect ourselves and our communities. Those changes also impacted our work. Click here to learn how we responded to the pandemic.

We are deeply proud of the way our staff navigated these adjustments. We are also inspired by the way individuals engaged in our services responded – for many, stepping outside their comfort zone to access care in an unfamiliar way.

We want to acknowledge all of the sacrifices and losses that people have experienced.  Many faced illness, death and financial strain.  Social supports, education as we knew it, sports and other activities, celebrations, coping mechanisms… all evaporated and were replaced by fear, uncertainty and isolation. We also saw racism, hate and unjust social systems more clearly than ever. All of this has meant a tremendous increase in the need for services across all parts of our community. Behavioral health has always been essential, but now our society recognizes its impact through a new lens. That is why we need your support now more than ever.


At MHA, we are healers, educators and advocates for those who have been victimized, stigmatized and disenfranchised.  And we will continue to do what we have done for 75 years: fight for basic human rights, including access to affordable, high quality behavioral health care. 


As we embark on our 75th year, we recognize you – our community – for showing us what it means to be resilient. Thank you for speaking out against stigma, for journeying these unfamiliar roads with us, and for supporting us.


Charlotte Östman, LCSW-R

Chief Executive Officer


Board President

2017 - 2021

Meryl Allison



*Click on the statistics for our stories of impact

Things we learned


Clinicians showed up on TeleHealth platforms to deliver the same warm, person-centered care. Peer specialists increased their connections, expanding their 24/7 help line to the larger community of individuals engaged in MHA services. Doctors and nurses continued to meet with clients in person. Our IT and Facilities teams went into overdrive, equipping staff with technology and PPE vital to making all of this possible. Click through the gallery below to learn more about our response to the pandemic.

Transfomed by the pandemic


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Impact Report graphics (1).png


$25,000 +  


Clarfeld | Citizens Private Wealth 

Robert and Kristen Clarfeld 

Paul J. Wrobleski Foundation 

William Rhodes 

$10,000 - $24,999 


Nita Glickberg 

Jerry Harnik 

John Roche 

The Selander Foundation 

The Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation 

Thank you to all of our supporters for joining us for our first virtual Gala in the fall of 2020.

Click here to join us as we celebrate our

75th anniversary on October 14, 2021!

2020 Gala: Celebrating the Power of Connection

$5,000 - $9,999 


Meryl Allison and Elisa Burns 

Allen and Jeanette Fairhurst 

Elinor Fredston 

Jonathan Greenhut 

Bernard and Mary Holand 

Institutional Invester 


Steve and Jennifer Kasoff 

Michael and Kate Lombardi 

Jane Orans 

Charlotte Ostman 

Team Daniel Running for Recovery 

Yvonne Tropp Epstein 

$1,000 - $4,999 

Jack and Ellen Alemany 

All Time Detection Inc. 

Amcott Associates 

Jonathan Arfa and Barbara Bernstein 

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. 

James and Judy Bailey 

Orlando M. Barreiro 

Andrea Birch 

Oren and Mary Jo Bramson 

Patti Clement 

Kathie Collins 

Jonathan and Nora Contract 

Danziger and Markhoff LLP 

Alan Epstein 

Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C. 

Mary F Foster 

Genoa Telepsychiatry 

The Hope for Youth Foundation Inc. 

Patrice Ingrassia and Chris Broda 

Linda James 

Janis and Alan Menken Charity Fund 

John and Sara Lynn Karidis 

K.E.D.S. Foundation 


Kohlberg Foundation 

Brian Hannon and Sharon Krieger 

John and Mary Leferovich 

Allan E. Mayefsky 

Rosemary McClare 

Steven Novello 

Philip and Elise Orlando 

Vicki Penino 


Andrew and Melanie Schaffran 

Leonard and Harriet Schleifer 

Alicia Scott 

Joel and Joyce Seligman 

Peter Sloane 

The Sloman Foundation 

Gerald Stern and Carla Pasquali 

David and Peggy Tanner 

Harold and Nicki Tanner 

The Toby and Nataly Ritter Family Foundation 


Elise Wagner 

Westchester Women's Bar Association Foundation, Inc. 

$500 - $999


Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, LLP 

Alan and Elaine Ascher 

Jackie Boissonnault 

Ashley Brody 

John Desalva 

Richard and Regina Jones 

Linda Kasoff 

Connie Kelly 

Matthew and Deirdre Kimble 

Larchmont Temple 

Kenneth Mayer 

Sean and Randi Mayer 

New York Bar Foundation 

Thomas and Catherine Pierce 

Janet Ringler 

Thomas and Stacey Roberts 

Lilian Sicular 

Joseph Starks 

Stop and Shop  

Tarrytown Honda 

Warren J. and Florence Sinsheimer Foundation 

David Winkler 

$100 - $499


Paul and Susan Hodara 

Linda Hogan 

Maria Imperial 

Charlene Indelicato 

Phyllis Isbell 

JW Hands Foundation 

Joel and Lorian Jacks 

Judith Judy 

Richard and Elizabeth Kadin 

Jeffrey S Kant 

Daniel and Renee Kaplan 

George Karp 

Adam Kaufman 

John and Ann Kaufman 

Andrew and Pamela Kaufman 

Lois Kempler 

Dympna Kenny 

Alisa Kesten 

Steven and Cindy Kief 

Terry Kirchner 

Abigail Kirsch 

Jonathan Kirsch 

Sue Klein 

Eugene and Carol Klein 

Thomas Kohlberg 

Tami Kurtz 

Ian and Kristy Laidlaw 

Robert and Ann Laitman 

Philip Karmel and Barbara Landress 

Natalie Lansburgh 

Richard and Sarah LeBuhn 

Tegan Lee 

Eric and Susan Leibert 

Amy Levere 

Annie Levine 

Glenn Liebman 

Livongo / myStrength 

Caroline Loeb 

Dustin Loughan 

James Manahan 

Molly Markhoff 

Eric and Barbara Marks 

Ted and Benita Marks 

Andrew Masetti and Kathi Young 

Sue Klein

Eugene and Carol Klein 

Thomas Kohlberg 

Tami Kurtz 

Ian and Kristy Laidlaw 

Robert and Ann Laitman 

Philip Karmel and Barbara Landress 

Natalie Lansburgh 

Richard and Sarah LeBuhn 

Tegan Lee 

Eric and Susan Leibert 

Amy Levere 

Annie Levine 

Glenn Liebman 

Livongo / myStrength 

Caroline Loeb 

Dustin Loughan 

James Manahan 

Molly Markhoff 

Eric and Barbara Marks 

Ted and Benita Marks 

Andrew Masetti and Kathi Young 

Eileen Masseo 

Karol Mayer 

James P McCauley Jr 

Joel and Ellen Mellis 

Stewart Menking 


Nelson Adler 

David and Frank Alexander 

Lefa Alksne 

Amazon Smile Organization 

Gail Ames and Sylvia Fabriani 

Renee Anderson 

Wade Anderson 

Maryi Arriola 

Rhonda Ashinoff 

Barclay Damon LLP 

Nicole Bates 

Dolores Battalia 

Peter Bauer 

Geraldine Bebernitz 

Ruthanne Becker 

Noelle Berg 

Gary Berson 

Barton and Barbara Bienenstock 

Jordan Black 

Charles and Brenda Block 

David and Karen Blumenthal 

Janet Bolen 

Anne Brewer 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Matching Gift Program 

Bronx Westchester Medical Group 

Katherine Burger 

Meredith Canter 

David and Sharon Caplan 

Andrew and Shannon Catauro 

Irwin and Sheila Cohen 

Marie Cole 

D.P. Wolff 

Diana Daniels 

Kelly Darrow 

Dora Debiase 

Monica Delbello 

Joseph DiPaolo 

Emil D'onofrio 

Rubima Ebrahim 

Alan and Elizabeth Ehrich 

Alan and Linda Englander 

Gerald and Phyllis Ente 

Epic Printing 

Andrew and Sandra Eskin 

Caryl Feldmann

Stephen and Suzanne Fields 

Tim and Lisa Fitzgerald 

David Flemister and Sara James 

Kristina Flynn 

Andrew Friedman 

Jennifer Friedman 

Stephanie Furtsch 

Herman and Barbra Geist 

Brian Gens 

Bernadette Geoghegan 

Rick and Jennifer Gerard 

Joseph Germano 

Beth Glauber Ahern 

Barbe Gold 

Peter Goldsmith and Lynne Goldstein 

Anne Golub 

Anne Gottlieb 

Edwin and Carol Greenhaus 

Hephzibah Grossberndt 

Joseph and Mary Lou Grotzinger 

Kristie Guttridge 

Barbara Heenan 

Herbert and Elizabeth Heller 

Claire Herzberg 

Allen and Marlene Hochberg 


MHA New York State 

MHA Orange County 

Joyce Michaelson 

Stephen and Susan Miller 

Sondra Miller 

Anthony and Anna Mirdita 

Eric Hemel and Barbara Morgen 

Maureen Murray 

NAMI of Westchester 

Ronald and Ann Neufeld 

Catherine O'Connor 

Kathy Pandekakes 

Michele Park 

Carla Pasquali 

David and Julie Passman 

Nancy G Paulercio 

Dana Pedersen 

The Pew Charitable Trusts 

Irving and Sharon Picard 

Nicholas Pirrotta 

Alan and Sharon Pollack 

Lorraine Pollak 

Craig and Aimee Pollak 

Andrew and Andrea Potash 

Steven and Michele Powell 

Michael and Jacqueline Proios 

Steven Projan 

Michael Reichgott 

Jeremy and Marni Reuling 

Daniel Reynolds 

Rob Ribadeneyra 

Thomas Richter 

Jason Rimland 

Danielle Roma 

Robert and Linda Rosenberg 

Elizabeth Rossi 

John and Claire Ryan 

Alberta Salkin 

Jonathan and Oleasa Salkin 

Scarsdale Congregational Church 

Cindy Schneider Kief 

Charles Selig and Madalyn Lehman 

James and Sue Serphos 

Shapiro Gettinger & Waldinger, LLP 

Nina Shreve 

Ellen Silver 

Suellen Singer 

Alan and Marla Siskind 

Billie Slade 

Greg Smith 

Jennifer Smith 

Louis Sorell 

William and Ruth Spiro 

Elaine Sproat 

Allison Stahl 

Walter and Betsy Stern 

Robert Stine 

Rick Suarez 

Susan Tofel 

VML Foundation 

Stefann E Van Lesberghe 

Aaron and Jenna Velez 

Robert and Karen Veronesi 

Daniel Sang and Lee Waxenberg 

John and Lucy Werner 

Philip Wilken 

Peter and Jennifer Williams 

Tracey Wilmot 

David and Christine Work 

Evelyn Wylie 

Barbara Yorke 

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